Here you can find exercises for patients suffering from lumbar discopathy. Please be aware that these exercises can only be performed only after a physiotherapist allows you to do so.
The starting position for all the exercises below: lie on your back with your arms straight alongside your torso.
1) Stretching. Put your left arm behind your head and stretch it as far as possible, while simultaneously stretching the right leg. Switch sides and repeat.
2) Pull up your right knee to your chest, then the left. Keep them in this position and go back to the starting position by lowering your knees.
3) Put your feet in a right-angled position to the lower leg. Lift your head and look at your toes. Keep this position for a moment before returning to the starting position.
4) Support your upper body by pushing your chest up from your elbows. While lifting, inhale, and then exhale as you return to the starting position.
5) Lift your arms and move them above your head, exhaling through the nose. Go back to the starting position while inhaling through the mouth.