The majority of the adult population suffer from back pain. Nowadays there is a wide range of methods and concepts for back pain treatment, including pharmacology, exercise systems, manual treatments, and invasive surgery. These methods include symptomatic treatment and causal treatment. Chiropractic is one of the methods using manual therapy in back pain treatment. The name ‘chiropractic’ is made up of two Greek words, cheiro (palm) and practos (do/make). It reflects the manual character of the method. Chiropractors claim that the method applied by them “is a science, an art, and a philosophy which focuses on the relation between the musculoskeletal system (mainly pelvis, spine, and skull), and the function of human hormonal and nervous systems. This relation has a significant influence on our health condition.” Through the manual correction (manipulation) of dysfunctions in spine joints, afflictions and injuries resulting from this condition can be treated. In the beginning chiropractors only dealt with the manipulation of spine joints. Nowadays chiropractic also includes extensive diagnostics, manual mobilizations (traction), techniques focused on soft tissue, massage, kinetic therapy, and physical therapy, alongside prevention advice.

Contraindications for chiropractic treatment

The weakening of bone structure of different origin (tumors, infections, injuries), neurological changes (spinal cord pressure), vascular system illness, lack of full diagnostics, lack of cooperation from the patients side, soreness, and muscle resistance are absolute contraindications for chiropractic treatment. Alongside these absolute contraindications are some relative contraindications such as bad reactions to manual treatments, hernia in vertebrae, joint inflammation, pregnancy, and spondylolisthesis (forward displacement of vertebrae), osteoporosis, long-lasting corticosteroid therapy, advanced joint degeneration, ligament malfunction, and joint calcification. The therapeutical mechanisms of chiropractic are not fully explained and research into its core beliefs is ongoing. Therefore we are still discovering for what conditions it can be recommended or prescribed.

Methods used by chiropractors

Joint structure mobilization

is the main method in chiropractic therapy. It is aimed at the normalization of unnatural and abnormal disorders and dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal system, and the releasing of tension. In addition to this, joint structure mobilization also eliminates dysfunctions of vascular or neurological origin.


Physiotherapeutic methods should be primary and more significant in therapy, while chiropractic should be used as a compliment.


Prevention is a crucial element of chiropractic. Our body posture, the way we sit, walk, and exercise have a direct influence on the condition of our whole body and musculoskeletal system. Spine injury is a result of vertebrae settlement or their deviation from the correct axis. This causes a narrowing of intervertebral orifices, which are the entrances and exits for nerves. With permanent pressure resting upon the spine, it is easy to be injured. The chiropractic profession is registered in many countries and practitioners of the method have a wide range of qualifications in the field of diagnostics, and treatment of afflictions mostly related to the musculoskeletal system.