Is getting up briskly solely the domain of young people? Does your back hurt when you get up from bed in the morning? Maybe you do not have this problem yet but are afraid it might happen?
Have you ever wondered how important a correct sleeping position for your back is? A proper night’s rest is crucial for your health, good mood, and energy levels. As you may already know, a correct sleeping position is extremely important for the health of the spine and back. In uncomfortable positions your muscles tense up instead of loosen, and it unnecessarily strains the back. Backache does not only concern older people, but can affect all ages. Sleeping in uncomfortable positions causes not only morning back pain, but also sleepiness, tiredness, and irritation. So how should we sleep, and which positions need avoiding to guarantee proper rest?

Sleeping on your front

The least healthy position is sleeping on your front, as it puts the biggest strain on the spine.
When you sleep on your front, the organs are pressured and squeezed – including limiting the air access to the lungs. In this position, your neck is unnaturally twisted upwards, which causes muscle tension and additional pain. You should avoid sleeping in this position, especially when suffering from problems related to the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine. If you are unable to sleep in another position, try to decrease back strain by placing a pillow under one side of your pelvis: this can help to ‘cheat’ your spine by making it believe you are actually sleeping on your side!
Do you ever wake at night with a pounding heart, sweating, and confused? Research shows that people sleeping on their front move often have erotic dreams, dreams about suffocating, drowning, and about UFOs. These dreams may be caused by our organism getting less oxygen when we lie on our front, which disturbs brain functioning. This may cause such images.

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on the side is the most common sleeping position.
Lying on the left side may cause a squeezing of the internal organs, especially the liver and lungs. Sleeping on the right side helps your spine to relax in the most natural position. Advice: you should sleep on your side with slightly bent legs as it helps to sustain natural lumbar lordosis. Place a pillow between your legs to decrease the pressure on your knees and prevent hip from twisting. This position minimizes snoring, reduces reflex twitches, and facilitates breathing.
Apparently, people sleeping on their left side often have nightmares such as being chased, attacked by insects, humiliation, or being threatened. People sleeping on their right side sleep calmly dreaming about swimming, walking, sightseeing, and beautiful landscapes.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is probably the healthiest position for you, your back, and your whole body. This position allows your organs to ‘expand,’ and completely relax. No weight is placed on the organs, so they are neither squeezed nor suffocated.
Research shows that people sleeping on their back have the most realistic dreams related to daily life – no nightmares to be afraid of!
Some researchers claim that lying flat on your back puts pressure on the hips. If you would like to use this position anyway, the best solution is to place a pillow underneath your knees, keeping them slightly bent – this decreases the pressure and unburdens the lumbar curve.
The best positions for your spine are sleeping on your back and on your right side. Nevertheless, if you sleep well in a different position, you wake up well rested, and every morning is energetic for you, there is no reason to change your habits. However, if it occasionally happens that you suffer from back pain in the morning, or you have problems getting up, try to change your sleeping position – it may cause your problems to disappear.
If you sometimes get up tired, it may be the result of an incorrect sleeping surface. You should sleep on a proper mattress which adjusts to your body and ensures high levels of comfort.
Lie down correctly in the position of your choice, close your eyes and dream away...
And do not forget to check what you have been dreaming about!