If your job requires lifting, like mine as a driver, you should master the proper bending technique if you have not already done so. This kind of position is used by body-builders during weight-lifting, and you will have already seen such technique in the Olympic Games. It allows us to shift the weight from our spine to our legs – where the strongest muscles in the body are. When you need to lift something:
  • move towards the object you are going to lift – you can move your hips a little (like Elvis Presley!) to loosen them up.
  • bend your knees while keeping your back and head straight.
  • push out your buttocks...and you are ready to start lifting!
Use this technique every time you need to lift something, to develop a positive habit. You may think you look funny when lifting like that, but people who have been working as drivers for years know it is the only correct position. The correct lifting position is shown on the instruction clip: