The most important thing regarding back health is to remember to carry out daily activities slowly – plan every move, and ‘think’ with your spine.
Get into your car slowly. Turn your back to the car so that when you sit down, your feet are on the ground outside. Next, when you are already sitting, place your right hand on the steering wheel and slowly pull your legs into the car.
When getting out of your car, repeat these steps in the reverse order. First, take one leg out of the car followed by the other, supporting with your arms and legs. Then you can get out of the car. The most important thing is to keep your back straight all the time, not bent. If you have trouble getting out of the car because you have long legs, help yourself by moving the seat back. This may take extra time, but it will help to keep you healthier and happier!
Once you are sat down in the car, set your seat properly. The best thing you can do while driving a car is to place a lumbar pillow between your back and your seat – the recommendation of every physiotherapist. The pillow helps to keep proper posture while sitting, and brings relief to your back and spine.