Most commonly attacks of sciatica are caused by an unfortunate movement – too rapid, or by lifting heavy objects in an incorrect manner. The pain can be extremely strong and it can stop you from doing even the simplest of daily activities, even resting in bed comfortably. Each movement is extremely painful.
Sciatica results from pressure or irritation of the lumbar nerve, or its roots. Men suffer from sciatica more than women. The causes of this condition are often the result of negligence regarding hygiene in the musculoskeletal system. Rarely the cause of the condition is the result of overburden, a characteristic of professional athletes.
There are a few risk factors for sciatica. The first is a sitting lifestyle (for example jobs working with computers), the next professions exploiting the spine and musculoskeletal system such as professions requiring long periods of sitting (drivers), professions burdening the spine (lifting heavy objects, and professions involving long periods of standing. An additional factor of sciatica is age – with age changes in the spine are progressing, especially in intervertebral discs.
Regardless of what the intensity of the symptoms are, sciatica attacks are always a painful experience which can prevent you from daily life, so it is worth preventing sciatica and its reoccurrence. Below are 3 ways to help prevent sciatica:

1) Swimming

The best way to prevent sciatica is daily physical activity, focused mainly on relaxing and strengthening back, spine, and abdomen muscles. Strong and flexible back and abdominal muscles create a natural corset, and keep the spine in the proper position. The weaker muscles are, the stronger pressure there is on the sacral curve and intervertebral discs, and the higher probability of sciatica. A good example of physical activity which can be taken up by anyone is swimming, which helps to strengthen all the body muscles and prevent sciatica.

2) Exercising

If we cannot, or do not like swimming, it is crucial to exercise at home to increase muscle strength, improve posture, and learn how to lift heavy objects (improper lifting of heavy objects causes vertebral pressure on the nerves, and sciatica attacks). A fit ball (big rubber ball) is a perfect piece of equipment for muscle strengthening, relaxing, and loosening exercises. It helps to remove muscle tension and unburden joints. It also helps to strengthen the muscles responsible for keeping correct body posture.

3) Work ergonomics

We must not forget how important it is to optimally organize the work station: a comfortable chair, desk set at the correct height, and stretching back muscles every few hours are crucial to prevent sciatica.