Below you will find a useful guideline which applied regularly can help to prevent sciatica.
1. Remember the correct body posture at work and during daily activities. Keep straight when standing, sitting, or walking. Do not forget to get up occasionally, straighten your back, walk a couple of steps, and stretch or bend.
2. Avoid sudden movements, especially when bending or turning.
3. Do not lift anything with unbent legs (kneel and keep the object close to you). Do not lift any weights which can be pulled.
4. Do not carry a bag only on one arm. Wear a backpack and carry your shopping in both hands.
5. Try to balance the weight equally between both sides of your body.
6. Fat tissue reduction will help to relieve not only the spine, but your whole organism in general.
7. When possible, rest lying on your front (on your abdomen). Lying on your back on a hard surface with slightly bent knees also has a positive influence on your back.
8. Make sure you create optimal conditions for your back during the night: choose a moderately firm mattress, small pillow (preferably a profiled type), and sleep in a straight position (on your side as well).