Spring is here and summer is around the corner – and here you are sitting between these four walls! First at work or school, then at home. You want to start doing something energetic, lose some weight, and be outdoors more...but how? Try Nordic walking!
Nordic walking is an exercise which combines marching with a technique involving special walking sticks used to push the body up off the ground. It has a variety of health advantages. Engaging arms while marching with sticks causes a higher number of calories to be burnt, compared with walking normally. Additionally, you can walk further without feeling so tired, whilst enjoying the beautiful weather!
More and more people of all ages work out with sticks. I am willing to gamble that you have seen many people marching with sticks, and were wondering how it feels. IT IS TIME TO FIND OUT! Nordic walking is a sport considered to be extremely safe. It wonderfully works out the upper body muscles. It is good for people with orthopaedic problems, such as knee, hip, or back pains. We can march in a calm and gentle manner, which leads to a relaxed state, or march dynamically and sharply to fully enjoy the experience.
What else can Nordic walking do for you? What are its advantages? Check for yourself:
  • during this outdoor activity you oxygenate your brain and improve concentration
  • nordic walking can be trained all year and increases your robustness
  • marching improves your overall fitness, and strengthens muscles
  • it does not overstrain joints and if you suffer from joint degeneration it can help you to overcome painful afflictions (the burden on knee and spine joints is 5kg less than in normal walking)
  • everyone knows that physical effort triggers the production of endorphins (happiness hormones) – marching helps you to enjoy life and feel happy
  • regular training will help improve sleep, and reduce stress
  • you will improve your circulation system functioning
  • you will lose weight – during marches with sticks, you burn 400 calories per hour (during normal marches, around 280 per hour)
  • you can meet a lot of new people who share your passion
  • it improves the mobility of the upper spine, soothing muscle tension in the shoulder area
  • sticks help you keep balance and stability, even over rough terrain so you can literally walk everywhere
  • as you can see, all Nordic walking advantages make it a sport you need to try. YOU MIGHT LIKE IT! :-)
The main and most important equipment for Nordic walking are sticks. It is important to have well profiled grips, and gloves which help you to keep the correct stick positioning, and prevent slippage when holding the sticks. Nordic walking is a sport for EVERYONE, and like every sport it can give you satisfaction and a lot of happiness when conquering your targets.
So get out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather, invite your family for a march so you can together celebrate every day of your life in a healthy and sporty manner.
Remember, every training session needs to be preceded by a short warm-up. Enjoy your walk!